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Private 1 on 1 DJ Classes 


"As a recent graduate of DFW DJ School, I can truly say that it exceeded my expectations. I initially started with one class but after seeing how much I learned over the course of 8 weeks I decided to enroll in the complete DJ certification program because I knew that by the time I finished, I would learn way more than if I continued teaching myself how to DJ. Not only was David Jones the most humble instructor you'll ever meet, he is willing to help and goes beyond the classroom. You can get one-on-one instruction and also after hours can go in to practice sessions to work on what you've learned. One of the best things about the school is the sense of community and camaraderie you get. David really cares about you and your development. I highly recommend anyone with an interest in djing to attend DFW DJ School."

Israel Romas - DJ Izzy

We offer classes for DJ's at every skill level. 

Invest in yourself and take your skills to the next level. Success awaits you. In this business knowledge means money, whether its learning the very basics of music theory, beat mixing, video djing, scratching, battle technics, etc. DFW DJ School is here to get you jump-started. 

DFW DJ School -Private Lesson 


DFW DJ School is a premier institution for those looking to learn the art of DJing as a "hobby" or to become a working professional DJ. At our school, we place great emphasis on providing our students with a comprehensive education in DJing. Our classes cover important topics such as....


* music theory - counting beats, bars, and measures (essential)

* ethics (the do's and don'ts of pro DJing)

* introduction to beatmixing (how and when to mix music).

* creative transitions, techniques for reading a crowd,

* music organization (set up folders and crates)

* introduction to video mixing

* market yourself & get booked (logo,website,social media)

* proper and effective use of the microphone

* equipment 101 - choosing & connecting your DJ gear

Our hands-on approach ensures that students get real-world experience using the latest equipment and technologies in the industry. We take pride in our instructors' skills and knowledge, and we're confident that our students leave with a solid foundation in DJing and ready to perform like a pro.


Private lessons are the quickest route to success and are 100% geared towards your needs and requirements. These packages represent a great savings from our normal per lesson cost. 



(Q.) Where are the classes held? 

Classes are held in my office studio in Fort Worth. I can also come to your location with or without DJ equipment for a additional fee of $35 (within 35 miles $1 per every mile over 35 miles)

(A.) 8512 Rainy Lake, Fort Worth (Keller) 76244


(Q.) When are private lessons available? 

(A.) I am available available Monday - Friday 6pm-730pm and on Saturday/Sundays mornings and early afternoon 

(Q.) How long are the lessons?

(A.) 90min time slots at a time that is mutually good for both of us. (scratch lessons in the Ultimate Package are 1 hour) 

(Q.) What do I need to bring?

(A.) I have everything needed in my studio. Just bring yourself. Unless I tell you beforehand, you will not need to bring anything but a willingness to learn and progress!!

(Q.) How many lessons will it take?

(A.) Many are well on their way with just 3-4 classes. Depending upon how fast you personally progress. The more/faster you learn the more instruction I give. I will guarantee that what you learn in 2 hours may have taken you MONTHS sometimes YEARS to learn. 

(Q.) What is taught in the class?

(A.) I will discuss your objectives with you and design your lesson according to what you want to learn. I am a open book. I will eagerly share my 30yrs of DJ knowledge with you on any topic.

(Q.) How much are the 90min private lessons? 

(A.) Regular Base Rate

1st - $125   2nd - $100   3rd - $75 each lesson after

Save $$$ with our packages..

These are just a few topics. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing you in class.  


DFW DJ School -Scratch Lessons

scratch lesson_dfw dj school.jpg
Scratch Instructor -
Our DJ scratch lessons are 1 on 1 easy to understand private lessons. 
* for controller or turntable DJs
* easy to understand lessons
* custom lessons - we proceed at your pace
* lessons for beginners - advanced
* proper set up and methods
* scratch combos
* timing (music theory principles)
Current rate is just $75 for 60 min lesson
(as popularity increases so will the rate!!) 
Don't wait any longer! Make the move to become the DJ you desire to be. Stand out among the rest. Schedule your lesson TODAY! 
Lessons available 11am-7pm M-F
and Saturdays 12noon-6pm 
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