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David "DJ XL" Jones

My 25yrs+ in the DJ business has taught me a lot. Some things such as technology, have changed the business forever. On the other hand, others remain the same. It's my pleasure to share the knowledge and techniques I've acquired over the years. There is a difference between good dj's and bad ones. It is a skill to walk into a room of strangers and have them up and dancing within minutes. It took me YEARS of hit and miss to learn and unlearn habits that lead to consistent referrals and repeat bookings. We have easy to understand & proven methods to get you to the next level.


Many of my alumni students are working in bars and clubs, as well as rocking private events weekly. I take pride in helping you reach your potential. Whether you dream of clubs, bars, events or just chasing your passion for music....We are here to propel you to that destiny. Ready to make that move?? See you in the next class!!


A few reviews from our many satisfied clients ....

As a recent graduate of DFW DJ School, I can truly say that it exceeded my expectations. I initially started with one class but after seeing how much I learned over the course of 8 weeks

I decided to enroll in the complete DJ certification program because I knew that by the time I finished, I would learn way more than if I continued teaching myself how to DJ................       

Isael Ramos - DJ Izzy

DFW DJ SCHOOL & David "DJ XL" Jones played an important part in me getting my start as a DJ. The 101 class is a great foundation for anyone who wants to dive in and start learning "hands on"! The classes are small, personal, and very affordable. David has many years of knowledge & exp in the industry and cares about his DJ students success. When my classes were complete; David's continued support & help over time was very important to my event business! Big Thanks to David Jones at DFW DJ SCHOOL!!


Patrick Doolin | DJ DUCATI Dallas,TX

My review of DFW DJ School ... 


DJ XL I met DJ XL of DFW DJ school a few years ago. I’ve been DJing a few decades but I never took a formal structured class. I was interested in learning a bit more and filling in the gaps of things I may have not been taught from other DJs that showed me how to mix. I also wanted to learn some new transitions. I took both of DJ XL’s DJ classes. Although it was alot of review in the beginning for me, there was a lot of structure and also review of some different and newer equipment. He did fill in the gaps and I learned many new things. Additionally, he has some great suggestions about different applications you can use to help your business. One of the other things he really helped with was music organization.


In the past, I’ve always just counted on the search function but he has some great ideas on how to organize your music for gigs and also how to back up Serato and your music library. Although I have a new Pioneer DJ controller it is always great to see different set ups. DJ XL has alot of variety of equipment and software both brand new and some common mixers that you would see other DJs using. The classes were structured and very helpful. DJ XL also has alot of tips from marketing, websites, and other ideas to help grow your DJ business.


After I finished and graduated from the two classes from DFW DJ school, DJ XL and I still meet from time to time via private lessons. Not only is he very creative and resourceful at the end of the formal classes and at the end of the private lessons he writes down a summary of what we discussed and reviews everything one more time. DJ XL is very detailed and had alot of depth to his experience and knowledge about every music genre (rock, hip hop, house, alternative and country). When I take private lessons from him, he encourages me to use my phone to record exactly what he’s showing me so I can use when I practice. I’d highly recommend DFW DJ school whether you are just starting out or if you want to improve your mixing or learn how to scratch.


Nick Zellem

Groovy Sound Productions


Thank you DJ XL for pouring all of your knowledge into me. I’ve had my first paying DJ gig since school. I’m looking forward to many more and I am truly grateful for all you have taught. Much Love!  David Edwards



8512 Rainy Lake Drivel 

Fort Worth 76244

Tel: 682-559-5078 (leave message)

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