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About Us

David "DJ XL" Jones

My 25yrs+ in the DJ business has taught me a lot. Some things such as technology, have changed the business forever. On the other hand, others remain the same. It's my pleasure to share the knowledge and techniques I've acquired over the years. There is a difference between good dj's and bad ones. It is a skill to walk into a room of strangers and have them up and dancing within minutes. It took me YEARS of hit and miss to learn and unlearn habits that lead to consistent referrals and repeat bookings. We have easy to understand & proven methods to get you to the next level.


Many of my alumni students are working in bars and clubs, as well as rocking private events weekly. I take pride in helping you reach your potential. Whether you dream of clubs, bars, events or just chasing your passion for music....We are here to propel you to that destiny. Ready to make that move?? See you in the next class!!



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