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Serato DJ PRO just released!! Download link and tutorial below. 

You can win this

NEW Numark DJ2GO2 Controller!!

Go DJ, That's my DJ!! Students in our next 101 class will be eligible to win this Numark DJ2GO2!!! Small but full of features!!


Do you have an aspiring DJ in your life? DFW DJ School can make it happen for you. Don't waste months or even years learning on your own. We cover all the basics with hands on instruction. That's 6 weeks of comprehensive lessons. We eliminate the frustrating trail and error. Make plans to be there and grab the future by the horns. No equipment needed just bring yourself and be ready to learn. Make that move!! New class starts Aug 25th!! Click here for additional info.


Reserve Your Spot Below

Thanks! Message sent. See you in class!

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