Vestax are a company full of surprises. Having laid down the blueprint for scratch mixers and dared to take on Technics in the turntable market, the digital age seemed to take them by surprise a little. A handful of bizarre folly DJ products followed as well as a few attempts at CD technology, but there was a period of time where I (and the industry for that matter) felt that the once mighty Vestax corporation had lost its way and would soon shut up shop.

How wrong we were.

Out of nowhere, the industry defining VCI-100 MIDI controller appeared. Taking the established 2 turntables and a mixer format, Vestax effectively squished it down into something the size of a book. It succeeded where others failed in that it was built like a tank and actually felt like using a regular full sized DJ setup - just smaller. Vestax certainly didn't invent the MIDI controller for DJs, but they did define it and establish the rulebook that others have rigidly stuck to like glue ever since.


The VCI-300 is a Serato ITCH based 2 deck controller aimed at giving you the very best performance from MIDI, and is essentially the ITCH version of their existing VCI-100 offering. It's broadly the same format and size, with subtle differences in layout and build. Aside from being designed for ITCH, the biggest difference between the 2 is that the VCI-300 has a built in sound card which means simplified ins and outs handling. With the VCI-300, you only need your laptop and headphones, and then you can plug straight into the sound system. ITCH runs in Windows and OS X, and is directly supported and developed by Serato themselves, so you can be sure that it just works and will continue to do so. Peace of mind has a high price however - the VCI-300 isn't cheap but for a gigging DJ, having Serato in the driving seat helps you sleep at night.

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